Serve These Summery Wedding Cakes Decorated with Monstera Leaves in Your Tropical Nuptials

We asked Roger from Shutterbliss Photography to share a few words on how to choose the perfect wedding cake for your wedding. Here’s what he had to say

On the lookout for the ideal tropical-themed wedding cake on the summer wedding? Tropical leaves are a contemporary fashion and décor fad–the designs are showing up on everything from bedding and wallpaper to artwork prints for your wall. The bold, bright greens immediately examine “tropical” and may translate perfectly into a wedding, especially if you’re hosting a summer or destination party.

Case in point: the monstera leaf. Also referred to as a split leaf philodendron, this big, shapely leaf is a fantastic addition to a wedding décor. Put one, or 2 monstera leaves in a tall glass vase and then exhibit them on reception tables, or combine several leaves into a wall to function as a contemporary ceremony or photograph booth background. You might even work them into your cake style–have your baker decorate the tiers with monstera leaves created out of paint or sugar the layers using a repeating tropical-leaf design.

Want some inspiration? All these seven tropical wedding cakes containing monstera leaves will have you craving any severe aloha vibes and are fantastic for your summer celebration.

A table that has been decorated according to the wedding theme.

Painted Monstera Leaves

This wedding cake with Sweet & Saucy Shop features hand-painted monstera leaves together with intricate stitching details at the bottom grade (reminiscent of Moroccan leather pouffes, don’t believe?) . The combination is exotic, fresh, and completely unexpected.

Monstera Leaves and Berries

Inspired by a tropical print, this dessert layout with Krishanthi Armitt features hand-painted palms and monstera leaves around the bottom tiers. A collar of monsteras encircles the lower part of the highest level and can be accented with a bunch of bright berries, each of intricately sculpted from sugar.

Palm Springs Garden Party

This bright, tropical-inspired cake with Layered Bake Shop is fantastic for a wedding party in Palm Springs. The square-shaped tiers are new and contemporary, while the hand-painted monstera leaves and palm fronds include an elegant tropical touch. Best everything off with an asymmetrical cascade of fresh blossoms at a punchy palette–that one comprises poppies, peonies, pink ginger, and kumquats.

A picture of a four tier wedding cake.

All-Over Monstera Pattern

This contemporary take on a tropical wedding cake by Erica OBrien makes us need to reserve a one time ticket into Oahu. The cherry fondant-covered tiers are embellished with a replicating monstera-leaf pattern.

Modern & Minimum Monstera

Craving a more straightforward, more minimalist appearance? This confection by Pippa Cakery includes layers coated in creamy, dark gray icing and refreshing thistles; a new monstera leaf is wrapped around the bottom tier to put in a shot of colour to the total design.

Hawaiian Punch

This pink and blue production by Hey There Cupcake includes a retro Hawaiian vibe, using its mix-and-match patterns; the cake is adorned with new tropical blossoms including pincushion protea plus a set of monstera leaves sculpted out of gum-paste.

Monstera Leaf and Floral Cascade

Decorate an all-white fondant-covered cake using a fairly cascade of sugar greenery and blossoms–here, see that the combo of monstera leaves in varying shades of green, blended with white plumeria blossoms and navy coloured berries.