The Groom Cake

The groom’s cake is an opportunity to allow the groom’s tastes and personality shine through! This is one wedding detail that’s all about him. Keep reading to find out where the groom’s cake heritage stems out of when to serve the groom’s cake and much more, and 16 examples of good cakes to inspire you!

Groom’s Cake Tradition: What is a Groom’s Cake?
Like most favorite wedding traditions, this clinic is rooted in heritage and contains a distinctive significance. The groom’s cake heritage began in England from the late 19th century, also gained popularity in the South America at the same time. The standard wedding cake has been considered too feminine to the groom, and it had been thought the groom needs to have a cake of their very own. Input the liquor-infused berry cake, which functioned as a groom’s cake. In later decades, the groom’s cake tastes also included red and chocolate velvet check out Hitched for more Groom Cake ideas.

Another old tradition with that period was for unmarried girls to take it home and sleep with the (ideally boxed!) Groom’s cake under their pillow to have a fantasy about their future apparel.

These days, the groom’s cake is merely a cake influenced by the groom, representing his preferences and favorite hobbies. The groom’s cake could vary from a chocolate replica of a sports stadium to a edible homage to Star Wars. It is frequently presented to the groom as a gift from his new wife.

When Do You Eat the Groom’s Cake?
Traditionally, pieces of the groom’s cake have been boxed and contributed to guests as favors. Therefore there are not any recognized principles for serving it in a wedding. It makes the most sense, however, if the two of you cut the first slice together shortly after you have cut the wedding cake. Then leave it up to the caterer to slice and serve the remainder.

Can You Have to Have a Groom’s Cake?
Not. Like any other wedding convention, it is entirely optional. However, if you and your loved ones are using a tug-of-war about wedding cakes (chocolate vs. vanilla, lettuce vs. custard), the groom’s cake may be an easy means to meet Victorian tastes without bothering the wedding-cake cart.

Get Started!
The groom’s cake is just one big-day touch he’ll take care of and an enjoyable approach to infuse the groom’s character in your celebration. Whether you unveil a tasty confection created from his favorite flavor mix or a creative-shaped cake symbolizing his primary interest, this particular treat just for him is guaranteed to be a hit. Below are a few deliciously-executed groom’s cake suggestions that you use as you plan for the big moment.

Quick Food Fandom
They state that a way to a person’s heart is through his stomach–you are already designing a cake just for him personally, but why don’t you reinforce that by requesting your baker to play from his favorite restaurant?

Pop of Culture
Is the soon-to-be hubby actually into a specific film or TV series? Have a tip from these masterpieces: you are Star Wars-inspired, and another is appropriate for a hobbit:

Hard Working Hubby
Want to observe what your fiancé does to your work? Try something like that luscious chocolate cake using an oil rig topper.

Man’s Best Buddy
It may be challenging to cut into such a cute face, but this motif is ideal for a dog-lover!

The Great Outdoors
In case your beau likes to become one with nature, transfer him to wilderness–tree trunks are impressively replicated with decadent chocolate icing!

Sports Buff
You can not fail with a cake which reminds the groom of the favorite team or sport. Get inspired by one of them:

on Chocolate on Chocolate
If you don’t have an idea, then consider combining his favorite desserts, such as a chocolate-covered strawberry/chocolate cake mash-up or tried and true doughnuts, this one was hand picked by Warren Grimes over at  Howell jones Photography.


The Old Ball and Chain
When in doubt, classic wedding jokes are sure to please.